We present you the unique format of residential property – multifunctional business class ComplexTriumphal Arch Apartment for Rent

We offer you the apartments with final finishing and exclusive design, which are equipped with elegant furniture and modern household appliances.

The combination of comfort in apartments and hotel service from the managing company of the Complex Triumphal Arch Apartment For Rent


  1. Prime location: the left bank of Astana city, 37 Orynbor Avenue, administrative center of the city, close to the large-scale project EXPO 2017
  2. Developed infrastructure of the area and the complex
  3. Guaranteed security of the residence by the managing company of the Complex
  4. The use of environmentally-friendly building materials in the process of construction and finishing of the complex
  5. Modern engineering equipment of the complex
  6. Exclusive design solutions of the apartments
    Business premises form the infrastructure of the complex, which are offered for rent on the
    1st and 2nd floors of the complex.
    The reliable managing company of the complex will guarantee you the comfort and security of living in cozy apartments and conducting of your business.
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